Family Business

Growing up in a family business certainly teaches you things that you won’t learn in a classroom. You definitely learn a lot about business, managing family dynamics and the importance of customer construction 645465 1920service. The other thing you learn a lot about is risk and reward.

My father started a construction business in his thirties and by the time he sold it just before he turned seventy; most of our immediate family were involved in the business at one time or another. My mother managed the admin side of things, I helped out with the marketing, my brother occasionally worked on site, my grandfather managed the equipment and storeroom and my uncle was a project manager on the bigger jobs.

sweet life1No carbs for you! No second helpings! You know you can’t have that!

Sound familiar? Small business owners all over Australia who care for a spouse, child or elderly parent with diabetes often find themselves in the difficult position of having to cajole a reluctant diabetic to follow their treatment plan.

When dealing with an adult diabetic, it’s incredibly hard to know where to draw the line between being supportive and letting your loved one take responsibility for managing their diabetes. The newly diagnosed diabetic might be in denial or feel angry and scared about the impact diabetes will have on their life. While most people would say it’s their life; this is especially hard when it feels like it’s your life too - you're worried and may be taking time off work and the whole family is ‘living with diabetes’ on a day-to-day basis!


Davoodi is a highly innovative company established in September 2012 by David Edwards and Samira Davoodi to develop and introduce new solutions for the agricultural industry.

Their new software system, My Pocket Farmer™ and AutoMed™ provides an intelligent medication delivery device which will be launched later this year.

Their system for farm management also includes a hardware device they have designed and patented that allows farmers to fully track the medications they administer to their animals, allowing for an unparalleled level of traceability and compliance.

familybusinessWith the responsibility of running a family business and looking after everyone else's interests, where does a CEO go for support?

An ever growing number of family business principals would say without hesitation "to a CEO forum group!" Why?

CEO Forum Groups provide access to advice and support from other family businesses owners who face many of the same challenges running a family business. The FBA Forum Groups, specifically, cater for CEO's, future CEO's and family business members wanting to successfully take their business to the next level.