The Region

gamerdev appearanceThe widely popular star of ABC show ‘Good Game’, Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen will make a much-anticipated VIP appearance at the Bega Valley ‘Gamer Dev Jam’ set to take place on Sept 10th and 11th in Merimbula.

Hex’s involvement raises the profile of the event to national significance in the gaming scene, and is yet another in the recent series of ‘big events’ to take place in the Bega Valley which earlier this year staged Australia’s first ever Regional Innovation Week (, and the much-vaunted Bega Valley Economic summit (

DSC 36232Inspired by the mood for inventiveness and innovation currently prevailing in Australia, the Bega Valley will host a series of compelling events that emphasise the role that regional and rural Australia can play in this national trend.

Bega Valley Innovation Week will run from Wednesday 27 April to Tuesday 3 May with activities covering a broad range of science, engineering, computing and IT themes.

Full details of the programme, another great achievement for the IntoIT Sapphire Coast and Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre (Lighthouse) team, are available at

regionaldevelopmentaustraliaToday’s announcement on the Canberra Airport’s inclusion into a network of international flights linking Canberra to Singapore and New Zealand heralds new global capability for the ACT and region.

As from September, the flights become a reality and Regional Development Australia ACT Chair Andrew Blyth said, “Now is the time for regional business to get serious about positioning themselves to take full advantage of new global opportunities.”

Balloon Canberra

The 3C Corridor is a developing concept set to shape the economic future and inter-regional relationships along the Monaro Highway belt from Canberra, to Cooma and on to the busy coastal towns of Bega and Merimbula.

It's initial focus on StartUp businesses, entrepreneurship and technology derives mainly from the high job-growth benefits associated with this style of economic endeavour as has been seen globally in recent years with Silicon Valley-esque companies.

Bringing this concept to life was always going to be a challenge - many stakeholders need to be on board - professional networking groups, advisory bodies, funding agencies, local and higher levels of government, and educational institutes.

BegaDistrictNews HackathonEven with recent government layoffs, the ACT outperforms any other comparable population centre in terms of income, education and employment opportunities.

This overall attractiveness of Canberra has become increasingly apparent to many of those in the townlands along the Monaro Highway including Cooma, and further south to the coast, Bega, Bermagui, Merimbula and Eden.

A group with representatives from Canberra, Cooma and the Bega Valley has formed to promote opportunities for networking, business and technology-related collaboration between people from these three regions.

The initiative, set to formally launch in January 2015, is to be known as the '3C Corridor'.