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BNM MaeMae van Rensburg of Brand New Mindset will be speaking at the Festival of Ambitious Ideas: Lessons from the Future on Wednesday 23rd August 2017, where she will talk more about the role of virtual reality and other new technologies in helping with mental health.

Brand New Mindset uses highly effective and proven methods to rapidly release the hidden potential of people, helping them to reach their goals and objectives more quickly. Certified Counsellors and Hypnotherapists, the team at Brand New Mindset use tools like Virtual Reality, Science Based EEG Monitoring, Hypnosis and Bio Feedback to assist people to make lasting changes to their lives.

david samira automedLighthouse recently interviewed David Edwards and Samira Davoodi from automed who told us about their experiences in starting their own business, relocating from Newcastle to Canberra, and what the future holds for automed.

automed is suitable for injectable, pour-on and oral medications and serves the dairy, beef, pork and sheep industries. It is focused on how to sustainably raise animals that consumers can have confidence in.

The easy-to-use automed applicator weighing 400 grams records vital information. Farmers can view data about the medication administered to their livestock via desktop computers and smartphones. Data can be stored in a cloud and technical support is provided by the company. The company now has representatives in the United States and Europe.


isimulate1Co-Founder of local Canberra-based business iSimulate, Peter Mckie recently caught up with Lighthouse to discuss the innovative software and bespoke hardware of the emergency system, ALSi, which can turn an iPad into a simulated patient monitor or defibrillator, and is completely safe to use on a human actor or mannequin for educational demonstration purposes.

The iSimulate systems are more affordable, versatile and realistic than any other systems currently on the market -





rentpluzLighthouse recently interviewed Ravi Weerasooriya from RentPluz who told us about his experiences in starting his own business and how RentPluz works.

Rentpluz wizard navigation makes it very easy for landlords to create rental properties quickly and easily -


DSC 0045 KristenLighthouse recently interviewed Microcredit recipient Kristen Holzapfel from Canberra's Friendly Petsitter who told us about her experiences in starting her own business.

Canberra' Friendly Petsitter understands that every household is different and tailors their service to each customer. Available during school holidays and public holidays, if you're in need of a pet sitter please visit and get in contact with Kristen.


PurePod41Lighthouse recently interviewed Sean and Kelli from Pure Pod to discuss their involvement with the ACT Microcredit Loan Program and their experiences in starting their own business.

Pure Pod is an Australian pioneer 'eco fashion' label creating contemporary clothing for women.

In less than 8 years since their launch, Pure Pod has grown to become one of the largest dedicated, ethical fashion brands in Australia, with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and S.E. Asia.

Deb Sharyn1Lighthouse interviewed Deb and Sharyn from Research Incentives Pty Ltd to talk about their experiences in starting their own business after leaving the public service.

keyboard 621832 640Is your major concern with flexible work about ensuring productivity?

Manager and leading authority on the strategy and implementation of flexible work, Nina Sochon offers five ways to ensure that your flexibly-working team stays productive.

home office laptop640The future of work is remote, flexible, project- and results-based, so people are often keen to discuss how leaders and managers are adapting. The truth is that like emus with their head in the sand, many leaders and managers are reluctant to adopt a flexible workplace. 

For some, they genuinely hope that this massive workforce trend will go away.

However there are so many good reasons for remote and flexible work: improved productivity, increased staff loyalty, greater team engagement and reduced staff turnover are just some of the benefits.

innovAGE1Innovative events are a great way to try out the startup experience! Kate Freeman from the Healthy Eating Hub recently participated in the innovative aged care event, innovAGE in March and May 2015 and was awarded the Top 3 Project for her team's idea BUG.

We asked Kate about her experience at innovAGE and what she thinks of innovative events. 

act microcredit program logoLighthouse recently interviewed Adam Gill to discuss his involvement with the ACT Microcredit Loan Program and his experiences in starting his own business.

JeniMcMillan SpringFairLighthouse recently interviewed Jeni McMillan, who having recently returned from the south of France is inspired to share some of her experiences both as a practising artist and lover of all things creative in Wilding the Art workshops - a series of holistic, process-based workshops designed to wild your art.

You don't need to be an artist - workshops run for 3 hours and you may be inspired to write, move and play around making some loose marks on paper.