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ScottLeggoGalleryThe nation's capital will soon have its very own Scott Leggo Gallery. Canberra's leading landscape photographer is set to showcase his work with a new, premium gallery space in the heart of Kingston.

This will be Canberra's first permanent landscape photography gallery. Marketed at both locals and visitors, everyone will now have the opportunity to view and purchase Scott's prints in-store and online. With simplicity of design around the customer experience, the gallery will set a new standard for how people view and purchase photographic prints.

fai artineveryday1At the Festival of Ambitious Ideas: The Art in Everyday on May 31st, speakers from a range of industries and sectors will come together to inspire the audience to see the ‘art in everyday’.

The event is a collaboration between local innovation consultancy, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, and the Canberra Airport. It is designed to be fast-paced and informal, following the Ignite format where speakers each only have 5 minutes to tell their story and ‘ignite’ the audience.

Lighthouse CEO Anna Pino says, “The Festival of Ambitious Ideas highlights some of the inventive businesses, projects and initiatives occurring right here in Canberra.”

“From multimedia and video production, architecture and city planning, industrial design, food, lifestyle, photography and art; speakers will discuss both their ideas and some of their challenges.”

Team WOW at FatigueHackWhat do an Outdoorswoman, PR Expert, Design Thinker and a Massage Therapist have in common?

They make the Hack team ‘WOW’ – who competed in #fatigueHACK held at the National Convention Centre (April 18-20), that was co-hosted by the Canberra Innovation Network and the Australian Trucking Association.

The four Canberra business women entered #fatigueHACK after successfully winning a similar competition in 2017 – where they had to find solutions to support people living a 100+ years.

Team WOW is made up of Medical Researcher and Adventurer Indiana Holley, PR expert and Strategy Specialist Sheena Ireland, Design Thinker and Creative Consultant Lynne Goodyer and Massage Therapist and Serial Entrepreneur Lisa LaMaitre.

FatigueHACK Official BannerTomorrow (Wednesday April 18) sees the launch of FatigueHACK in the Nation’s Capital. FatigueHACK is a competition being co-hosted by the Canberra Innovation Network and the Australian Trucking Association. The competition will see 10 teams compete over two days to find a solution to the issue of Driver Fatigue in the trucking industry.

Amongst the 10 teams is a team of four Canberra business women, the only ALL female team in the competition. Team Captain of W.O.W. – Lisa LaMaitre of Therapy Masters and Canberra Wise Women explains why the women have entered.

“I first bought the team together in April 2017 for Lighthouse Business Innovation's Start Up Camp, where we won for our concept of a wellbeing app. Last year I hand selected the team from my female business friends to showcase the depth and variety of expert knowledge that Canberra business women have. It was the first time any of us had competed in such an event, and we had a wonderful time.”

WWA Room March 2018 Esh PhotographyPhoto by: Esh PhotographyA new space for Canberra’s business women to connect and network has arrived in Canberra. The Sydney based organisation ‘Women with Altitude’ are bringing their program to the Nation’s Capital in 2018.

‘Women With Altitude’ was started by businesswoman Andrea Turner-Boys after she began her first business in 2001. Andrea quickly realised that being in business was a difficult and challenging path. When she reached out for support from existing business networks she struggled to find one that felt right for her – who spoke her language and held the same values on collaboration, openness and support as she does.

So in true entrepreneurial fashion – Turner-Boys founded ‘Women With Altitude’ in 2003.

BradleyMossGameArt sml2As one of the slowly growing group of people who were born and bred in Canberra, I accept her many foibles and peculiarities but will also fight to death to defend her. I’ve grown up in a family that has run several businesses in Canberra and while it’s always been hard, we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed the good lifestyle that it has afforded us. It is because I know how hard it can be to do business in this city that I can’t speak highly enough of those locals who have big ideas and plans for Canberra.

John De Margheriti took a punt in 1996 and started an education institution focused on animation, visual effects and the video games industry. Many people are still asking why he chose Canberra. His answer remains the same – ‘why not’.

SMBs telstra articleNew Telstra research shows small businesses with a website have much to gain this festive season with 8 in 10 Aussies saying a business website is most likely to influence their decision to hire a service business when getting their home ready for Christmas.

Telstra research[1] with 1,500 Australian households shows almost half of those (43 per cent) looking for service businesses are going online to find one that meets their needs versus more traditional referrals.

It also revealed 7 in 10 households plan to spend up to $200 on tasks, with 2 in 10 planning to spend up to $500 on tasks including cleaning (90 per cent), gardening (70 per cent), lawn mowing (70 per cent), repair jobs (43 per cent) and house painting (16 per cent) over the next few weeks.

OliverForresterProfile1Local Canberran, Oliver Forrester, 27, was announced a winner in the 2017 Anthill 30under30 Awards on Friday 10th November. He’s the only winner from the ACT this year and joins an impressive list of young achievers from across Australia. Founding Director of local creative agency, OPF Consulting, Oliver also owns and operates two Anytime Fitness franchises in Victoria.

“I set out to lead work I enjoy doing, with good people, or people trying to achieve great things. It needs to make a difference. As a small business owner, I also realised the need to diversify my risk base. So I chose two different models – a communication consultancy and gyms,” Forrester said.

FAI graffiti‘Interesting People Doing Interesting Things’ is the theme for the upcoming Festival of Ambitious Ideas, a unique event filled with ideas and viewpoints from all corners of Canberra. The quarterly event is a collaboration between local innovation consultancy, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, and the Canberra Airport. It is designed to be fast-paced and informal, following the Ignite format where speakers each only have 5 minutes to tell their story and ‘ignite’ the audience.

Lighthouse CEO Anna Pino says, “The Festival of Ambitious Ideas provides a platform for the intersection of different fields and disciplines; where academics, public servants and entrepreneurs; experienced speakers and students can all engage in conversation”.

city people walking blur1The Startup Catalyst Youth Mission application deadline is this Sunday (17th of September). This is an opportunity for a fully funded, 10-day mission to San Francisco and Silicon Valley from the 29th October to 10th November this year.

Ideal candidates have these attributes:

  • Are between 18 and 29 years of age
  • They have domain expertise (the ability to create things) [This can be anything from software skills to agriculture to design]
  • Leadership potential
  • They are startup curious (but there is no requirement to have started a business)
  • They have a #givefirst approach to life

You would absolutely know Lion's brands - XXXX, Hahn SuperDry, Kirin, Dairy Farmers, Dare Iced Coffee and Steinlager - among many others. But did you know Lion is one of the region's largest and most innovative food and beverage companies?

Lion's vision is BIG. They are looking for ideas in all facets of the production, distribution and consumption of food and drink, within an ever-changing society.

The 12-week Accelerator program will call on the world’s best startups and scaleups to help disrupt the food and beverage industry with the ultimate goal being potential commercial investment from Lion. So do you know anyone?

telstra women awards 2017The achievements, leadership and creativity of business women took center stage at the launch of the 2017 Telstra ACT Business Women’s Awards, yesterday in Canberra.

Now in their 23rd year, the Awards play a crucial role in raising the profile of women in business across Australia.

Telstra’s CMO/Group Executive Telstra Media and Awards Ambassador, Ms Joe Pollard said the Awards acknowledge the achievements of inspiring business women across the State.

Ms Pollard said entries for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards officially open on 26th April.

kord us groupKord USA Board - Dr Peter Moran, Major General (ret) Mike Regner, Uwe BoettcherMinister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today attended a signing ceremony to mark the success of Australian company, Kord Defence Pty Ltd winning a contract to develop innovative products for the United States Marine Corps.

Minister Pyne said Kord Defence was awarded a contract by the United States Marine Corps worth US$2.25 million over 18 months that would see up to an additional four staff employed, including two engineers under the United States Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) program.

canberrawisewomenCanberra Wise Women have launched their 2017 program with three events in three weeks! The first two events on February 10 and 16, have been joint events with national organisations who were keen to partner with the inspiring vibe of Canberra Wise Women.

“It’s been wonderful to start our second year working with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS).” Explains Lisa LaMaitre, the Creator of Canberra Wise Women. “Both organisations have introduced new people to our audiences. Our co-hosted lunch with AIM, and joint movie screening of Hidden Figures with the ACS, were both sell out events!”

The third event will see a return of the Canberra Wise Women ‘live’ interview format, held in the evenings. This year all evening events will be held at the Guggenheim inspired Vibe Hotel, at Canberra Airport.