Canberra Business News is a new initiative from Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre. 


Launched in 2014, Canberra Business News is a new online platform for new and existing startups and entrepreneurs, as well as early stage and high growth businesses to connect and access the latest information and news from the Canberra business sector.

There is an opportunity to access the latest news in Canberra business, interviews with Canberra business representatives, support and help for startups and entrepreneurs, details on the upcoming workshops and networking events in the ACT region.


About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an innovation consultancy with a focus on capability building.

The team at Lighthouse specialise in delivering programs, products and services designed to encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Lighthouse works with entrepreneurs, investors and researchers to commercialise their ideas as well as established organisations and non-profits to create sustainable business models.

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Lighthouse, now a subsidary of the LHInnovation Pty Ltd group was originally founded by the ACT Government and Epicorp Limited.

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'Celebrating 7 Years of Business Support and Innovation in Canberra' - Lighthouse Infographic

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