Social Innovation

pedestrians streetwalking‘Social Innovation’ is the theme for the upcoming Festival of Ambitious Ideas, a showcase of Canberra’s innovators, game-changers and status quo challengers to be held on the 18th August.

Opened by Georgina Byron CEO of the Snow Foundation, the Festival of Ambitious Ideas provides an opportunity for twelve speakers from a range of different industries and perspectives to share their experiences, successes and challenges and discuss the impact social innovation can have on people’s lives.

Lighthouse CEO Anna Pino says, “The Festival of Ambitious Ideas celebrates the many innovative businesses and entrepreneurial individuals who contribute to our city.”

Bill of rightsMore than 80,000 children annually experience the trauma and stress of having a parent in the Australian justice system.

Of these children, it is estimated that 70% go on to become juvenile offenders, and more than 85% of those who do will also become adult offenders.

TJILLARI Justice works with vulnerable families to support the psychological, social and educational needs of children with a parent in the justice system.

The organisation works to empower parents, carers, foster parents, grandparents, teachers and members of the community with proven, neurologically-based therapeutic approaches designed to break the cycle of intergenerational offending.

“Our aim is to advocate on behalf of children, to represent them and their perspectives, and to advise on policy development and the implementation of positive strategies to make a substantial difference for children at risk,” says Deb Evans, Founder of TJILLARI Justice.


sunset 476465 1920We all go through tough times, some more than others and some harder than others. Quite often, during these hard times, it is those who offer support and kindness that make it possible to get through them. No matter your situation in life, we all have the ability to help those less fortunate whether as individuals, community groups, businesses or organisations.

Canberra brothers Terry and George Snow established the Snow Foundation in 1991 to benefit the community in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Since its establishment The Snow Foundation has been an active supporter of local social innovations and programs, and works closely with key partners and organisations in Canberra to maximise the social impact of their contributions. In 25 years of operation, the Foundation has provided over $18 million to the local community and beyond.

holding hands 858005 1920Everyone in business is busy - they have to worry about customers, staff, cash flow and doing some long term planning.

Why then would a business include a social mission, or doing something good for the community to its very long ‘to do’ list? Does having a social mission give a business a competitive advantage?

Research seems to indicate that it does.

people coast1Innovation, change for social good, and change for a better future – these are phrases we hear a lot of nowadays, but if I asked you to describe social innovation what would you say?

Social Innovation can come in a range of forms including the traditional social enterprise where an organisation has both a social and for profit focus and the lesser known social innovation which is not about profit, but rather benefits society as a whole and not just the individual.

The idea of doing things to make life better isn’t a new thing, but the focus on creating novel solutions to address social problems that are more effective, efficient, and sustainable and a step up from current solutions is rapidly gaining momentum.