aircraft smlAviation Teen Start-Up is an innovation camp for 10 to 18 year olds, run during the July school holidays from the 12th to 14th July at the Canberra Airport’s Brindabella Conference Centre. With a focus on aerospace innovation, it encourages students to invent, explore and experiment and let their dreams take flight!

Over three fun-filled days, students are taken through the innovation development process from idea to execution. Students work together in teams to come up with an idea for a product or service that they believe provides a solution to a problem their generation will face in the future. The event concludes with the students pitching their concepts to a panel of judges.

Each Teen Start-Up Camp has a specific theme and this Camp is all about ‘aviation and aerospace’. Teams will look at the problems and opportunities involved in both aviation and space flight, tackling both practical and big picture problems. These will include logistics, transportation, energy, education and training, sustainability, infrastructure, safety and security, emergency response, customer experience, accessibility, communication and data as well as the movement of people and things.

The Canberra Airport and local innovation consultancy, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre (Lighthouse) are proud to present Aviation Teen Start-Up.


“Canberra Airport is thrilled to support the Aviation Teen Start-Up Camp. We look forward to hosting the leaders of tomorrow on an exclusive behind the scenes tour and hearing their creative ideas. This camp is a wonderful opportunity for all involved to exchange ideas and cultivate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.” Melissa Evans, Head of Marketing and Communications, Canberra Airport.

Lighthouse CEO Anna Pino says, “At the heart of Teen Start-Up is the focus on learning skills that will enable our young people to live and work effectively in the 21st Century”.

“With plenty of hands-on activities, guest speakers from the aviation industry and a behind-the scenes tour of the airport, students are introduced to skills like creativity, problem solving and teamwork in a fun and engaging way”.

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Highlights of Aviation Teen Start-Up:

‘Behind-the-Scenes Tour’ at Canberra Airport

The ‘Behind the Scenes tour’ has been developed to educate students about the aviation industry and the important functions of an airport. Teams will have the opportunity to go on a tour guided by the airport management team. They will have to navigate their way through the terminal following the passenger experience from check-in through to security. They will also get to venture behind the scenes of the terminal and, may also receive a special K9 demonstration from the Australian Federal Police. They will get to go where very few people are allowed to go. They will travel on a bus across runways and taxiways getting up close and personal to aircraft of all shapes and sizes. They will learn about the different uses of an airport and make a stop at one of the most important residents on airport – the Airport Fire Brigade.


Microsoft Technology Showcase

With the support of Microsoft, during the technology showcase students will have the chance to learn programming within the world of Minecraft, build a sensor device and even experience what it’s like to use a holographic computer.


Exploring Audio with The Clubhouse

The use of audio technology as a teaching and learning aid has progressed significantly over the past few years and can be an extremely useful tool for capturing and presenting information. The Clubhouse will bring along some of their recording studio equipment to Aviation Teen Start-Up and teams will have an opportunity to try techniques such as sampling, looping, midi-editing and mixing.


A Virtual Reality Experience with Poppin Code

Local Canberra start-up, Poppin Code will present a Virtual Reality experience that gives students hands-on control of a futuristic air taxi. Will this be the Uber of our future cities?


The kinds of skills students need to learn today are different from what they needed 20 years ago. This has been an ongoing topic of discussion in relation to University education and more recently it has also been acknowledged as an issue by the school system. Teen Start-Up provides a practical and immersive way of teaching the skills identified in the ‘General Capabilities’ section of the Australian School Curriculum. These are the skills that sit across the curriculum that will help students to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century. They are skills like creativity, problem solving and the ability to collaborate and work effectively in teams. These skills are also crucial for innovation and entrepreneurship. Teaching students about the innovation process is at the core of Teen Start-Up.


About Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre
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