Suzanne teaching Level1JugenheimWind the clock back ten years. I’d started my doctorate in Visual Arts at ANU, and was given a special job mentoring first year painting students. I loved it! Looking back, I can see the seeds were sown then for my current work inspiring people to access their creative brilliance.

Between then and now was quite a journey. I tutored, lectured, coached and painted for a few exhibitions between training up in teaching, coaching and business. I've sought excellence and achieved but also worried and strived too much, working too long hours.

It took a long time to realise that overworking was not so much about the job or the career or the people, it was an inherited story which made long hours seem normal. However, this way of life stole my joy and, I suspect, contributed to a serious illness.

Striving was interrupted by finding a lump. Yes, one of those horrifying moments. During a large part of 2011, I was not allowed work. And I did make small drawings which was a very calming thing to do during a difficult time (some are in an upcoming exhibition at Nancy Sever Gallery).

Suzannes FlorenceRetreat David Hayley Joan 

I resumed developing my hybrid work combining coaching, teaching and mindful creativity with new perspective. Creative tasks not only switch on the right side of the brain, they can give rise to great ideas and reduce stress and anxiety too. The work grew into courses and the retreat of my dreams 'Love your Creativity' in Florence, Italy, held for the first time in April last year, followed by presenting a course in Germany.

After returning from Europe, I did a survey of people who’d attended my courses during the last year or so. Surprised by the results, I analysed what I was consistently doing to yield the positive outcomes that came through. I found there were 5 main components to my approach, and these I’ve put together into a free talk for businesses and organisations: "Think like a Champion: 5 Power tips to Make Creative Thinking Easier".

The last few years have been a challenging journey indeed, often lacking and somehow finding enough faith to keep going. I certainly have a lot more empathy for business owners. Along with persistence and a great accountant, business coaching has made the difference for me. And I’ve had to step beyond what I thought was possible in order to create a business that helps foster new possibilities. It’s a work in process!



About Dr Suzanne Moss
Suzanne is a consulting coach and educator specialising in creativity and creative thinking. She helps individuals and small groups create the fertile ground needed for inspired innovation.