womenhealthweek 2018 speakers‘Jean Hailes for Women’s Health’ is Australia’s leading and most trusted women’s health organisation. In 2013 Jean Hailes ran the first National Women’s Health week. The week focuses on sharing information, education and empowerment to better meet the health needs of Australian women.

In 2018 Women’s Health week runs from September 3 to 7. Canberra business woman and Principal Practitioner of Therapy Masters - Lisa LaMaitre is hosting an event to celebrate women’s health this Sunday September 9. LaMaitre has arranged a line-up of nine of Canberra’s leading Health and Well-being experts to share their knowledge on the subject of women’s health.

“Canberra is blessed to have high levels of expertise in our local Health and Well-Being Industry. At our event on Sunday I have gathered a diverse range of experts to share their knowledge on women’s health. Our experts hold knowledge in: dance, yoga, trauma, fitness, health coaching, massage, sports performance, psychology, energetic healing, injury recovery, beauty, social work, mindfulness, maternal health, sleep, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), loss, resilience, and mindfulness.” LaMaitre explains.

Speakers at this event include: Athlete and Dynamic Fitness Coach Adele Haussmann, Baby Sleep Educator Dominique Ford, Holistic Healer and Yogi Kendra Boone, Intuitive Healer Sharon Schmidt, Social Worker and Resilience Campaigner Melanie Greenhalgh, Women’s Health Expert Dr Holly Brocklebank, Influencer and Adventurer Indiana Holley, Remedial Practitioner Lisa LaMaitre, and Eco Therapist and Beauty Adviser Natalie McBurney.

Award winning Psychologist, Author and Trauma Expert Kerry Howard will be the MC at this event. The event will be held at the Therapy Masters clinic in Canberra City. Attendees at the event will also receive a Jean Hailes gift bag and enjoy afternoon tea from the celebrated Daana restaurant.

“There is the saying that when we bring women together magic happens. For me magic means connection, commonality and the sharing of wisdom. I am very excited to be hosting this event and look forward to creating a space that gives women a time-out and a chance to pick up some information to take better care of themselves. At a time when being busy is worn as a badge of honour – we want to teach women that self care is vital for them to live long, healthy and joy filled lives.” Says LaMaitre

Tickets for the event are available via Eventbrite.

About Lisa LaMaitre from Canberra Wise Women
Lisa LaMaitre is a Health Expert, Connector, Communicator and Business Creative. She is the Principal Practitioner and Managing Director of Therapy Masters, a health practice in Canberra City. She is the Creator of Canberra Wise Women, a platform for sharing connection and inspiration through live events. Lisa shares her business knowledge as a mentor with Inspiring Rare Birds and Global Sisters, and is a teacher at the Canberra Institute of Technology.