We live in an ‘iworld’ culture where 24/7 work has become the new norm. From phone calls and text messages, to social media and email notifications, it has never been so hard and so important to integrate work and life. 

Our 13 speakers from a range of industries and sectors will discuss the impact and opportunities presented by the 24/7 world. From the need to be ‘always on’ to compete in a global market to health and lifestyle, industrial design and city planning; speakers will present their views on how this new way of life will change and influence the future of work and everyday life.

The Festival of Ambitious Ideas follows the ignite format where our speakers only have 5 minutes each to present their ideas and ‘ignite’ the audience. In a little over an hour, guests are treated to a range of different ideas and perspectives. The event is designed to be fast-paced, informal and fun.

Festival of Ambitious Ideas is proudly sponsored by the Canberra Airport.                                                                     

Working & Living in a 24/7 World 2019 Speakers:

Stephen Bounds, Cordelta

Veronica Freeman, Beam Australia

Marcus Dawe, SWOOP

Jim Andrews, The Barracks LAN Games & Internet Café

Deanne Brennan, thinkoutloud

Joshua Gonzalez, PKUP

Vanessa Domaschenz, Deloitte

Kathie Harris, Canberra Data Centre

Jules Esdaile, Live Simply

Dr Robert Waterworth, Mullion Group

Dr Caroline Fisher, University of Canberra

Kristen Holzapfel, Canberra’s Friendly Petsitter 
Emma Grey, Worklifebliss